Two-toned Tye-dye Converse: Hi or Low Top




This is for the people that want to customise their converse with a twist of color. (best used with all white or all black converse)

Step 1: Converse Choice

What you choose as your base color is up to you but i would recomend plain white or black color because they allow you to use more than one color. The nock-off converse that you get from a resale shop or walmart work just fine.

Step 2: Chooseing Colors and Paints

When choosing colors try to think of how well they will show up on your base color. If your base color is white then you can use any color that you want, but, if you use black or any other color then you might only be able to use white or bright colored paints.
Fabric paint or fabric dye work just fine as the additional colors. Fabric paint can be used for more precise placement of color, just as fabric dye will make the true tye-dye effect. Also, fabric dye would need to be used much more carefully because it can dye skin or produce harmful effects from contact with skin.

Step 3: Painting or Dyeing Your Converse


This is by far the easier method of the two but can also be much more time consumeing. Start by drawing out your design curves with the paint. Then, either fill in the spaces, leave them as lines, or fill them with cool patterns and designs. Then leave it for a couple of days to dry and break them in for the first time very carefully.

2. Dyeing

This is more of a hastle then the painting method but makes a much cooler and unique design then painting. Buy assorted dyes from walmart or anyother store that carrys "Permenent Fabric Dye". Also pick up some rubber bands while your there. Wrap the rubber bands in assorted lines around the converse in any pattern. Also, wrap them around the ankle brace part on hightops. Place the converse in a kitchen sink or outside and splash them with the different dyes until you think your done and place them outside in the sunlight or in the windowsill on a towel until you can no longer feel that the dye is wet. This can take from 10 hours to 2 days depending on how saturated they are. Then, hand was the excess dye out of them in the sink and wash them without anything else in a washing machine and dry in the sunlight again and they should be ready for wearing. If your not sure then wash and dry them again. Never dry them in the dryer because it will make them fade quickly.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    thanks very much for this, I appreciate it. will be doing this in the next few days, and hopefully i'll get a couple of photo's up.


    12 years ago

    Definitely need more pics!!! My daughter is into All-Stars and would love this!!


    12 years ago

    yes, more pictures. Chucks are the most positively cool shoes ever made.