Two Ways to Kill Spiders and Creepers in Minecraft

Introduction: Two Ways to Kill Spiders and Creepers in Minecraft

The spider and creeper are two common monsters in minecraft. Here are some ways to kill them.

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Step 1: Spiders

To kill spiders you should,

  1. Hit with a bow and arrow from a distance
  2. Hit with a powerful weapon like an axe or sword

Step 2: Creepers

To kill a creeper you can hit with a highly durable weapon like a diamond sword or diamond weapon. Just make sure to retreat if the creeper starts making a hissing sound.

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    2 Discussions

    The master cheat
    The master cheat

    Tip 19 days ago

    I have killed many spiders and one thing I know what to do is shoot it with a bow or a crossbow or a high durability weapon like a sword or an axe. If you want to kill it quickly have an enchanted item with sharpness don’t have smite it sucks


    4 years ago

    That's copyrighted material