Two Ways to Make Power

Introduction: Two Ways to Make Power

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This is a basic instruct able that tells how to make electric power two ways.

Step 1:

The first way is to use a motor generator. (handheld generator). The way to make this is to take a motor and crank it. If you crank the motor it will generate a little power. This generator makes power but it hardly can ever work because the power fades immediately after cranking.

Step 2:

I made my crank from a wheel and pencil. I cranked while testing voltage. It was like a game. I wanted to get a lot of energy so I cranked really hard. At the end my high score was 0.80 millavolts.

Step 3: How to Make a Penny Battery

To make a penny battery is easy. All you have to do is soak pennies in vinegar. Then soak paper as electrolyte in salt water. Get a piece of foil and stack the materials in the order penny paper foil or foil paper penny.

Step 4:

After that use a voltammeter to test the battery I got 0.64. millavolts. Please follow and fav. (: :)

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