Tying a Mosquito Fly Pattern

Introduction: Tying a Mosquito Fly Pattern

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The mosquito is, in my opinion, the most under utilized pattern in Alberta. I rarely see guys posting or talking about this pattern. They don't show up on any "Top 10 Trout Flys!" or "Essential Alberta Dry Fly" lists. Which is strange. I'm no entomologist, but mosquitoes have got to be among the most abundant bugs around here (although, if grasshoppers spent their existence trying to bite my ass all year round, I would probably notice them much more too...) Anyways this is probably my favorite dry pattern, and if you get tired of tying another BWO over and over feel free to give this one a shot, and share your thoughts too!

Step 1:

Like always, ensure to give your barbs a pinch and give the body of your hook a slight bend before you begin. Take a size 10 or smaller dry hook and tie off your black thread from eye to heel.

Step 2:

Take a piece of grizzly hackle and nip the very end piece to attach a small tail. At this point you can also attach a small section of wire or ribbing. Secure these pieces to the tail and wrap your thread to the eye. This is a delicate fly so the body will only be comprised of your threading, make it uniform.

Step 3:

Make several wraps of your ribbing and tie off at the eye. Now affix the remaining section of hackle.

Step 4:

Make several wraps of hackle, and tie off just behind the eye. That`s it for this simple pattern, a quick whip finish and a (Light!) dab of cement and we`re done.

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