Tying a Tie

Introduction: Tying a Tie

This step by step tutorial will instruct you on how to create a single-knotted tie.  Note that finger placement with your right hand will be a key part in moving fluidly through the steps.  You will also want to avoid twisting the knot between steps, as this will make the tie look messy and unprofessional.

In order to begin you will need the following materials:

- Tie
- Collared Shirt (optional)
- Neck
- Hands

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Step 1: Align the Tie

Put the tie around your neck. Grab the narrower side of the tie with your left hand, and the wider side with your right hand. Pull the narrower side to about ½ the length of the wider side. Be sure to hold the tie at your neck in order to be ready for the next step

Step 2: Begin Your Knot Formation

Move the wider side of the tie over the narrower side, locking it into place with your right index finger. Your thumb should be holding the narrower side into place as well. This will become your knot. Be sure to keep the wider side of the tie facing forward.

Step 3: First Loop

Pull the wider side of the tie back around, only this time loop it behind the narrower side of the tie. When doing this, the tie should loop the wide side around your right thumb. In order to complete this step and move on, you will need rest the tie on your right arm for a second and pick it back up with your left hand.

Step 4: Second Loop

Bring the wider side of the tie (left hand) in front of the narrower side again, as well as in front of your right index finger. This will complete a full circle around your right thumb, and start a new loop around your right index finger

Step 5: Tying the Knot (Part 1)

Pull the wider side of the tie (left hand) back behind the narrower side. This will complete the loop around your right index finger. Pull the wider side of the tie up through the loop created between your right thumb and your neck. The wider side of the tie should have its back side facing frontward after this step.

Step 6: Tying the Knot (Part 2)

Take the wider side of the tie and put it downward through the loop created around your right index finger (second loop).

Step 7: Tighten Your Tie

While holding your knot, pull on the wider side of the tie and tighten it to desired resistance. You can then adjust the tightness around your neck by holding the knot and pulling on the narrower side. Once finished with this step, you’re all done. Flap your collar over the tie (or don’t) and strut your stuff.

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