Tying a Tshirt Into a Dress

Introduction: Tying a Tshirt Into a Dress

I bought these 2 inexpensive tshirts and converted them into a dress for a young woman. It took a very short time and it gave her a lovely summer dress. I have left the dress with the sleeves and existing neckline but when I have time I intend to cut off the hem off of the sleeves and cut the strips there too. I will then take a contrasting piece of fabric, cut the strips into a piece the same size as the distance around the edge of the sleeve and tie on these contrasting pieces. I was also going to cut slits under the band of the neck and thread some ribbon to match the sleeves. The whole process was a lot of fun.

As a bonus in this instructable I will show you how to add bling to a boring neckline.

Step 1: Step 1: Rounding Up Your Supplies

You will need:

2 tshirts of the same size. They can be matching colours or contrasting. I have shown matching colours here but the contrasting colours can be fun.



pen or pencil

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting the Tshirts

Take 1 of the tshirts and fold it in half.

Smooth the tshirt and establish the point right below where the arm is attached to the body of the shirt.

Cut a straight line across the tshirt from under the arm to the fold in the middle of the chest.

Remove the top of the tshirt and set it aside. Take the bottom portion of the tshirt and mark out lines every 2 inches around the cut edge of the tshirt bottom.

Take the second tshirt and cut off the sew hem at the bottom of the tshirt and set it aside.

Mark the lines every 2 inches around the bottom cut edge of the second tshirt.

Now take the scissors and cut along the lines for 4" and do this all the way around both the top edge of one and the bottom edge of the other.

Step 3: Step 3; Attaching the 2 Parts Together

The strips will be 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. When you have all the strips cut around both edges, you will now tie each strip to the matching one on the other edge. I like to start at the side seam and tie the strips proceeding along the front edge. Take note when you arrive at the opposite side seam that you have matching strips immediately before the side seam. If you have an extra strip, just incorporate it with the strip next to it so that you will tie 2 strips on one edge and 1 strip on the opposite edge. It will be less noticeable at the side seam if it is noticeable at all.

Step 4: Step 4: the Dress Has Been Tied All Around

I have tied the strips all the way around the dress and since this was the first time I tried it, I tied the strips loosely in case I wanted to undo them. So now I will go around the dress again tightening the knots. I image that you could put some glue in the middle of the knots if you want but I don't think it is necessary if the knots are tied tightly. There are many things you can do with this dress in addition to those that I have already mentioned. For instance you can tie some bling into the knots from time to time.

Step 5: Step 5: Add a Little Bling

Here I took some stud earrings and cut off the stem and using a very strong glue, I attached the decorative part of the earring. I would recommend that you roll the dress into a tube with the area with the bling on the innermost layer and insert the dress into a mesh washing bag.

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