Tyler Koske's Anti-Yo World Video Contest Submission 1





Introduction: Tyler Koske's Anti-Yo World Video Contest Submission 1

Alright, for my first trick video we have a trick I decided to call happy dance. involves a little slack and other basic elements.

The trickier parts of this combo are:

Swinging the yoyo counter-clockwise so that it hits the outside string segment of the slack held by the throwhand and land on top of the string in a mount similar to a sidestyle mach 5.

Swinging the clockwise letting it wrap halfway around your freehand and then over your throwhand index, which guides the yoyo onto the bottom string segment in your freehand.

Popping the yoyo upwards from the chopstick mount, dropping the string on your freehand thumb, freeing the yoyo to swing counter-clockwise towards your freehand.



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    Same thing I said earlier, the contest ended on March 1st, this video is posted on March 2nd (as it says), but you still did a nice job. :P