Type Foreign Symbols From Your Keyboard

Do you need to type symbols that are not on your keyboard like this ¿ just keep reading ¡!

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Step 1: Turn on Numerous Lock

The fist thing you need to do is turn on numerous lock it is located in the top right corner of your keyboard.

Step 2: Typing the Symbol

To type the symbol you need what is called an alt code you can find these on the Internet or some right below to use it hold the alt key (like in ctrl alt delete ) then on the num lock key board the one to the right not on top while holding the alt key enter the code then let go and there is your special character.

Step 3: Common Alt Codes

Alt + 0153 = ™
Alt + 0169 = ©
Alt + 0174 = ®
Alt + 0177 = ±
Alt + 0181 = µ
Alt + 0189 = ½
Alt + 0247 = ÷
Alt + 0128 = €
Alt + 0162 = ¢
Alt + 0163 = £
You can search the Internet for others if you need them and they are not here.
Please check more of my work here

Thank you !

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    3 years ago

    I love using alt codes! I have a giant list on the wall next to my computer because you never know when you will need what!


    3 years ago