Tyson Moschel and Alfredo Colin

Introduction: Tyson Moschel and Alfredo Colin

how to clean shoes: by Tyson Moschel and Alfredo colin

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Step 1: How to Clean Them

first you half to take the laces off and put a cloth in the toe box of the shoe so when you clean its not to hard to clean them.

Step 2: Getting the Cleaner Ready

then grab your shoe cleaner and take it out of the package. and get a bowl and fill the bowl up half way then put 2 drops of the cleaner in the bowl then dip your brush in the water and put 1 drop on the shoe brush then start cleaning.

Step 3: Clean the Shoes

so after getting the brush wet put the brush on the shoes and clean in a up and down motion. until the shoes are cover in foam then let them sit for a while.

Step 4: Cleaning the Laces

put the laces in the bowl with the shoe cleaner and cover them in the shoe cleaner then take the shoe laces out and squeeze then laces so the water comes out then let them dry for like 20 mins.

Step 5: Drying the Shoes Off

get your towel and wipe town the shoes and make sure to get all the shoe cleaner off the shoe then let them sit.

Step 6: Lacing Up Your Shoes

Okay now that they are all dry lace them up and make sure to keep the laces straight while you lace them up so you get the best looking result.

Step 7: Now Your Done

now your shoes look brand new and that is how you clean your shoes i hope it helps you out.

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    3 years ago

    I need to do this to get the salt from the street snow off my sneakers!