Tyvek Tent Stake Bag



Introduction: Tyvek Tent Stake Bag

Tyvek is great stuff. I did this simple project with some scrap Tyvek to see how it works with super glue before taking on a bigger challenge--making a cover for my bike (loaded with touring gear).

Step 1: Get Some Tyvek

The first step is obtaining your Tyvek. There are lots of sources--Priority Mail envelopes, or buying Tyvek House Wrap from a hardware store. This is scrap that I pulled from a dumpster at a construction site down the road.

And those are the tent stakes that will be held in the completed sack.

Step 2: Cut and Fold

Tyvek is great to work with. Scissors slide right through it, and it creases like paper, so it was easy to come up with a size and shape I liked, without having to mark on the Tyvek.

The two folds will be the sides of the sack--they're not quite parallel, to accomodate the wider tops to the stakes.

Step 3: Glue It

Super glue holds Tyvek pretty well. I made a test joint to get some practice. There are two things to be aware of:
1) Super glue stays slick a lot longer on Tyvek than you might expect. This is because it is activated by moisture, and there's not a lot of moisture on Tyvek--and it doesn't diffuse through quickly (which is what makes Tyvek a useful vapor barrier in construction). Of course, there's plenty of moisture in human skin, so be prepared to peel your fingers apart.
2) Tyvek is already pretty slippery, and until it sets, super glue makes a pretty good lubricant, so pieces can easily slide apart and then glue themselves to something else, such as fingers or desktops.

And of course, a little goes a long way.

Step 4: Put a Stake in It

And here's the final product--with a rubber band to hold the top closed (which probably won't be necessary).

I'm going to beat this up a bit before I get started on my next Tyvek project. I want to be sure the seams are durable before I put the time, and my remaining Tyvek, into a bike cover.

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