U Disk Key Ring



Introduction: U Disk Key Ring

About: if we dream, everything is possible.

U disk office always carry, but I always lost, so I want to do a key binding and key button, I hope you can enlighten.

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Step 1:

Size you can refer to, is not complicated, I played well in advance of the hole and buttons.

Here should pay attention to the U tray bag is a little wider than the key buckle strap, so there will be the effect of uplift, it is more three-dimensional.

Step 2:

The next step is to put the bag in the sewing stitches, keys, must be careful so the sewn line will look good, I finally finished, burned with a lighter thread and then quickly press.

Step 3:

Install the buttons, and sew the lid.

Step 4:

To use the thinning process, so that the buttons can be deducted, and then the key ring part of the sewing.

Step 5:

Finally, you got it. I hope you will succeed. Let design into your life, everyone has a design talent! Thank you

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