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UUU stands for the Unbelievably Ugly Uniform.
I've been wearing it to work for years, but its only when i filmed this that i realised just how vile it really is!
Its like a navy-blue pumpkin with legs!!

Fortunately, the eetsit in my pocket is the yin to its horrible, horrible yang!

The first little combo is for the sheer "letting go" joy of 5A (counterweight) yo-yoing!!!

I have no idea what the second one is called (please enlighten me if you know...), but it looks really good in its catapult kind of way... And that is the one i will talk you through...

Jump to the last step for a slow-mo video of it. It really helps!

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Step 1: "Lasso Loops" (because I Don't Know If This Trick Already Has a Name)

This is a pretty easy slack trick to learn (harder to master)

Start out with a double or nothing, then block the string with your middle finger and bounce the yo-yo back over it, and back onto the string.
Let it all hang off your non-throwhand finger.

Step 2: The Mount

As it swings back, grab the bottom string with your throwhand pointer.

Step 3: The End of the Mount

Pull the string out from under the yo-yo so that it can swing back over your non-throwhand

Step 4: Now We Are Ready to Begin...

land in a sort of double or nothing.

Step 5: The Lasso Bit

For this bit, you need to throw the string down with enough force for it to swing round and back over your non-throwhand.
Over-emphasizing the throwing movement does help.

Make sure to send it straight so that the string lands in the yo-yo gap.

Step 6: Loop Round the Yo-yo

The front bit of the string should land directly in the gap
The rest of the string loop will keep going round.

As soon as you get to this point, release the pinched string above the yo-yo, so that it lowers into this new loop of string.

Step 7: And Back Again...

Once the loop is safely back around the yo-yo, swing it back over your non-throwhand and hey presto, you are back to the first step again!

Repeat ad nauseum...

Step 8: The Slo-Mo Video

Here is a video of the whole process slowed right down so you have time to see exactly how it works:

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    8 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone! The yo-yo is an anti-yo eetsit it is not offstring (thats a whole different division), it has a counterweight attached to the other end of the string so you can throw it around like in the first trick. Its really great fun! oh, and the song is from the beastie boys' album Hello Nasty (its the funny bit at the end of track 3 which counts down backwards - weird)

    1 reply

    Just a bit more on the music... The Beastie tune samples its catchy giblet from a Chilean band called Los Angeles Negros, (the black angels). The song is titled "El Rey y Yo" (the king and I). They were around from the late sixties until the early eighties.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    first time i've seen an eetsit, looks like i might be getting one soon! Nice video and great pictures, thanks. btw the suit is bad, but no wonder as it doesn't fit you at all. get a new one and get it to fit. i would hate to go to work every day in something that i hated wearing! luckily i'm a student :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i really appreciate that you did step-by-step. nice trick!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet uniform. O yeah, the trick was good too. Also what yo-yo are you using? By the way, +1


    11 years ago on Introduction

    awesome . it seems that the trick is offstring or it was my imagination ? How is the song called BTW?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that's really cool! I like the place where you recorded the first video. But wow, really awesome job, the pictures are good help on how to do it. Nice job! +1 rating. (added to favorites)