UAS Drone Study Tips

Introduction: UAS Drone Study Tips

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Tips for studying for your FAA UAS Remote Pilot certificate.

Step 1: Stuff to Try

Since early this year I've been studying to get my drone licence from the FAA. I've finished the book and so now I'm just studying for the test. I hope to give you a few tips that I found that helped me.

Step 2: What You Need

1. Folder: I put all of my stuff in a folder so that i can carry it with me on long car rides and stuff. By doing this you can make use of time wasted during travel.
2. Note Cards: If you've ever studied for anything from the FAA you know that they abbreviate EVERYTHING! Whenever I read a abbreviation I wrote it down and then put the definition of it on the back. You can also have someone drill you with them as flash cards.
3. Test Prep: I got my test prep for my birthday from my dad. I think he got it from Sportys Pilot Shop. Its up to you which brand you buy.
4. A Calculator and note pad.
The best advise I can give you is to take your time and study carefully.
FINAL ADVISE :The test costs $150.00, so if you fail your have to wait 2 weeks and pay again, so be careful!

Good luck and God bless.

I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions, comments , or advise let me know.

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