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Introduction: UKP V3: Build Instructions

About: I've been building and engineering since as far back as I can remember. My first building toys were those wooden blocks, and at age 4, I upgraded to cereal box samples of K'nex. I also participate in sports,...

Well this is it... my final contribution to the world of K'nex. The long awaited, UKP v3. 4 years in the making, the UKP series has striven to create the most realistic K'nex handgun available, and alas, 3rd time is the charm. Please do enjoy this weapon system, I have a lot of time into it, and I'm proud to be leaving it. Please note I will only be around for another week or so before I won't responded to comments, so If you have any pressing questions, do ask early. Let's delve into the features.

-Removable Magazine (in handle, 7-8 round capacity) 
-Slide Action
-20-35 ft range ( I'm not gonna lie to you like other guns on the site... realistically a grey con. can only travel 40ft in ideal conditions)
-Features an asymmetrical design, first seen under the UKP v1. To my knowledge, this is the only gun series that does that
-The magazine is my original design from 2009, never used on any other gun to my knowledge.
-Color coding to allow easy location of slide, trigger, and magazine during firing.
-Simple Trigger
-Ergonomic handle
-And a realistic appearance. 

This is probably a 1-2 hour build, so be prepared. You will be glad you did it when it is done. Please note that the color coding is not mandatory, but recommended if you want an amazing looking gun to show off. 

Step 1: The Handle

Let's get right into it! I don't know how this picture system works, but I'll try my best. Should be strait forward. 

Step 2: Real Barrel

This is the real barrel of the gun. You'll be able to see it start to come together after this! Follow the pictures! 

Step 3: Attaching the Barrel and Handle

Just as the title says! 

Step 4: Trigger

Build it and add it to the assembly! 

Step 5: Side Panel #1

The first of a few... Build it and attach it. This will start to strengthen the gun. Pay attention to the sides the panels are on! 

Step 6: The Fake Barrel

The fake barrel with some odds and ends, don't forget them! 

Step 7: More Side Panels and Top of Fake Barrel

As the title says, this is a lot in one step. Just stay calm and focus on the pictures. It's really quite simple. Just pay attention to the sides of the side panels! 

Step 8: More Side Panels!

These complete the panels for the barrel, and make the gun look like a gun! Simple enough! 

Step 9: Handle Side Panels

More Panels! These are for the ergonomic handle. These are set up for a righty, if you are a lefty, switch the sides I place them on. Problem solved! 

Step 10: The Slide

Building it, the firing pin, and attaching them to the gun! Almost there! 

Step 11: Magazine and Firing Pin

Final Step, Finish it and you're done! Fires grey connectors, stacked horizontally. When inserting the firing pin, make sure that the end with the connection parts is facing the front of the gun, and the smooth side is facing the back of the gun. 

Step 12: Loading and Firing

Watch the Video! I meant to add this when I made it, just found the video on my phone now... sorry for it's late introduction! 

Step 13: Thank You

Thank you all for your support throughout all of the years. I really appreciate it. Insructables has always been a fun loving and innovative community, full of great ideas and passion. For my final farewell, I leave you with my progression throughout the years in the world of knex. Enjoy.

I want to leave you all with my final words from my valedictorian speech this year, the whole thing is on youtube, if you want to laugh for a bit, but the final bit was the motivational part, so here it is.  (and this will be from memory, cuz someone stole my hard copy after I gave my speech, It was that good)

"Nothing in life is permanent, nothing in life is 100%. If you don't like where you are, do something about it, because you are more than capable. If you like where you are, don't become complacent, because anything can change in an instant. Make decisions as quickly as possible, without losing accuracy, because, like any test, you will run out of time. But most importantly, don't let these be the best years of your lives, otherwise, you've done something wrong. You've been a spectacular group of people to (build/speak too) and I thank you all for that." (Standing ovation and air horn, just watch the youtube clip already...  )

Thank you all. Best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors. 

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    4 years ago

    Anyone build this yet? I am heading to college tomorrow and wanted to see if anyone built it yet... I'll check in from time to time to see how people are doing on this. But some feedback in the near future would be nice!

    2 replies

    Glad to hear! sorry so late with my response, had a lot of work to do as of late... still have a lot, but its always good to take a break! Glad to hear you enjoy it! I'll see if I can't figure out how to add your version to the ible later tonight!

    Looks Fun! I'm adding this to my build list.
    I also wanted to say that I also use a little asymmetric design in my competitor series. I just little design features though.

    6 replies

    Thanks muchly!
    Sorry to be so ignorant as to just look at the pictures of this ible' but I just read your conclusion. Just because you're going off to college doesn't mean that this is the end of your knex career. I am a commuting college student so maybe it's a bit different situation wise but I'm just saying don't be done just because of college. If anything it gives you something to do between classes,(I have a few in my car) =P

    Yea, I should've put the end of my k'nexing for now! I'm living in the dorms so I'm tight for space, but over the summer's I'll probably work on the UKP series to try and make it even better! Ha! And thank you for reading the conclusion! I figured most people would just jump over that!

    Yep sounds good. I like your stuff too so I subbed. I have a bad habit at just looking at pictures and then reading afterward.
    Anyway good look in college try to stay around on the site if you can.

    same to you man. Ha move in day was yesterday otherwise I would've done it sooner!

    Oh and I'll see about getting this built by the 25th after Knex war 2013 because I'm stretching my pieces across eight guns and some other projects....

    I use a pair of strong scissors. Most people use the pliers with the blades on 'em. Don't know the technical name... basically anything sharp that you squeeze gets thru knex pieces rather easily. You need to cut at least 1 for the gun, 2 more if you want the slide action to work, and then 2 for every removable magazine you want there after. So essentially to get the gun pictured above, at least 5. Then 2 for every other removable magazine. (technically you could build a regular magazine inside, and make it non removable, if you don't want to cut 5 rods, taking your total down to 3, I strongly advise you to NOT do this, but if need be, it is possible.)

    One more question. Should I put the white rods in the connector then cut them or cut them the place the??

    I tried uploading the picture in a comment but It won't let me so I'll add it to the step right now, you have to cut them first to the point that you will see in the picture, otherwise the slide won't work. Same goes for the magazine. It's easier to cut them first anyway. I'll put the picture on all the steps that have cut white rods. Also, do not forget the cut orange connector on the trigger step.