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Make the ultimate cheat pen in this Instructable. The roll will automatically roll itself back into the pen when you click it.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need-
Flash card
Friction ball pen

Step 2: Cut

Cut a hole with the knife where the three small triangles are on the pen. You might need to make it a little bigger.

Step 3:

Mark where the two sides of the hole are.

Step 4:

Use the marks on the ink to show how wide you need to cut the flash card.

Step 5:

Cut the flash card when you see where the ink marks are.

Step 6:

Write your cheats. You should write in small handwriting so it can fit on the flash card. Remember cheating is not exactly the right thing to do.

Step 7: Tape It

Tape the cheats to the marks on the pen we made earlier.

Step 8:

Roll up the flash card around the ink when it is taped in.

Step 9:

Now put the ink into the pen and make sure the end of the roll comes out the hole

Step 10: Finished!

When you pull the card it should unroll and show all your cheats. When you want to roll it back up simply click the pen a few times and the ink will turn and the cheats will roll back up again.



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    10 Discussions

    The Science Brony

    2 years ago

    Nice instructable! The only thing about this design though would be its obviousness, but some kind of tape could fix that. Also, you can only hold one predetermined thing in there, so it may not be the best cheating option (ME NO LIKE CHEET IM JUST GIVING FEEDBACK)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Fun for who? I can kick my dog for "fun" but is it fun for the dog?

    THE most frustrating to hear a misbehaving student say when asked to justify his/her behavior was "I did it for a laugh". Mmmmm.


    2 years ago

    Sadly this reflects the emphasis we put on knowledge as opposed to understanding. If your required to use the information then a lack of understanding makes just the knowledge of the facts, remembered or by cheating, useless in the real world.

    What I am really saying is work at understanding, that way 1. You won't need to cheat, and cheats get caught and punished, 2 you will have a foundation of understanding that helps with other things/subjects and will actually stick with you in the future.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    The business world stresses thinking outside the box. Most people will not use formulas from memory. 20 seconds on the internet will give precise information. School is supposed to teach you to think, not regurgitate facts that will be gone from your memory immediately after the test. This cheat pen is exactly what the business world wants.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I agree that knowing where to find the information is the essence but 100% of the time the person who can apply understanding of the situation is going to prosper over the person who has to look knowledge, which is what your cheat is doing, providing knowledge.

    If schools teach you to think then this cheat is superfluous, however, (as a teacher), I can assure that schools teach you to remember knowledge because that is how the UK and most of the world's exam system works.

    If this were true then the exam system would allow you open book access during exams. They rarely do.

    20 seconds on the internet is fine, IF you have access. If you have 20seconds (in reality my experience is few people are actually efficient users of google even, that's why we get so many questions here that could be easily answered in a more direct manner.) Knowing and understanding is your internal google without the need for internet access!.

    Within my subject area I have an encyclopedic knowledge, but even more useful I have 50 years + practical experience to bring to bear. Outside my subject area I have a very good grasp of at least the principles of most subjects - again experience.


    2 years ago

    One thing to remember about publishing a cheat technique is if more people know, the more likely you are to get caught. Professors can read too. And I guess a second thing is you won't receive negative comments. If it were a spy pen to hand off s message, or a place to hide a person's phone number, well now we're thinking..

    John Peter RobertS

    2 years ago

    Yeah yeah, and you have never ever done that ?
    Why teach others to cheet?
    They and you sure won't get smarter ?

    cheap survivor2

    2 years ago

    If you do end up cheating there should be a lid to conceal the paper


    2 years ago

    Hopefully, you are joking. Intellectual dishonesty is reprehensible ... unless you are taking your cues from academics and politicians.