I want to introduce you my gaming and working desktop and show you how i made it!

Lets start with the basic idea:
I wanted to create a desk, which is very comfortable and customizalbe for the owner.
Also I wanted a internal computer, so you could say its a all inclusive desk :)
The last thing I wanted to add was a dolby surround system.

To achieve the perfect comfort I designed the desk like a big U, so you can put it easily in the corner of your room where it doesnt stand in the way and you are able to split the desk into two parts: On the left and the right side you have enough space to work like in a office and in the middle you get your gaming-paradise :)
To get the maximum of gamefeeling there's a second U formed part which allows you to put easily your elbow on the desk instead of nothing or the uncomfortable armrest of your chair.
But if you want to watch a movie and relax, just put your feet up on the stool with built-in subwoofer and enjoy a great movie with a great sound!
The second advantege of this special design is the possibility of a High End Dolby Surround System. Just like a 3D sound :)
And  for the a messy man there are two places : On for the built-in and full upgradeable pc to save room and on for a simply shelf to ensure order a little bit.

As a result we get a fully customizable and comfortable desk for gaming and working!

lenght:   200cm
wight:    200cm
height:  74cm

Please leave a little comment with a short feedback! That would help me a lot!

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nice workstation. I would love to see the plans on a file download

3 replies

so where are the plans? i dont know where to look for them lol

This is cool, but you should attempt to make it so it could be actually printed by a standard 3d printer. You could break it up into parts with pins that can fit together, that would be really awesome. Looks nice!

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thank you but i think if split it and print it with plastic it wouldnt be stable like with wood or metal. also if you want to print it with a normal 3d printer with 20x20x20 cm printing space it would take a very long time to print and even to assemble it

Nice design. I had three monitors once but the last one got in the way more than it was used. I've found that one large monitor in landscape (games) and a smaller monitor in portrait (work) in my opinion is more productive.
Awesome desk. you have my vote.

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Thank you! Its nice to hear that its looking great! The plans will be handed in after I finished a few improvements and details to the cad file!