Introduction: LIGHTBOXE

Step 1:



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      Are you going to do a followup instructable about how to etch those images onto the black painted layer? Those images are awesome by the way - what was the method used to create them? I'm looking to do something similar with waveforms.

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      I'm assuming that he painted the backside of the acrylic, and then put it under the lasercutter, engraving away the paint to let the light shine trough. (you can also do this with a mirror, might combine very nicely!)


      1 year ago

      This is amazing! Thanks for this.

      Hey great DIYing dear friend. Can you upload a .svg file instead of the .ai ???

      Thanks you!

      Otro instructable en el que necesitas una maquina de 500€ para hacer una cosa de 5€. ¿De verdad estais bien de la cabeza?

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      I'm unclear about the coloring and etching steps.

      you can also reverse the led strip to get a brighter border and add a second strip facing inward to light up etching. use white led for border and rgb strip fo etching. this way u get a brighter border independent from colored inside. I have done this type of lighting before on a pc to backlight the motherboard in case.


      1 year ago

      Wow, Beautiful! Applying this technique with the picture Rainbow Woman would be Amazing.

      Great artwork! I've been wanting to do something like this! How do you etch the black painted acrylic?

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      Thanks so much, Im planning in doing a tutorial on that.

      But the black layer gets etched by figuring out what is the least amount of power and speed ( differs per laser of course) to go thru the layer of paint. Once that is figured out, is all about tweaking the grey values on the illustrations!

      Very good Technic & instruct able steps. can you please share the images used for the design.

      Thanks & Regards,

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      If we use neopixel LED instead of white LED, then can we get rid of colors on the back side. neo pixels can be programmed to changing colors.

      Yes! you can do that, and also you can animate the pixels being white, so you light up the colors indifferent areas, or different pats of you rillustration.

      This is a really cool technique, thank you for sharing.

      Welcome to instructables! :)

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