UMD Holder

Introduction: UMD Holder

This instructable shows you how to create a lego UMD holder

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Step 1: Parts

lego you need
1#base (any colour)
4# 2 by 2 thick blocks (matching colour)
2# 2 by 10 thin blocks (matching colour)
4# 1 by 2 thick blocks (matching colour)
2# 1 by 10 thin blocks (matching colour)
7# 1 by 6 thick blocks (matching colour if posible)
1# 1 by 8 thick block
4# 1 by 4 thick blocks (matching colour if possible)
1# 2 by 4slanted block

Step 2: Base and Beginning

start with you base laid flat. Place 2 by 2 block six spaces away from other 2 by 2 block. On top of those two put 2 by 10 thin block.Do same thing 8 sp aces away.It should look like picture.

Step 3: Higher Sides and Back

place 1 by 2 thick block on 2 by 10 thin block as in pic. On top of those put 1 by 10 thin block(red in pic)
the back is made from two 1 by 6 thick blocks(I used yellow to be clear,try make the holder out of one or two colours) and the 1 by 8 thick block.Place the two (yellow in pic) 1 by 6 blocks behind and the 1 by 8 on top.(pic is seen from behind to make it easier for you to see.)

Step 4: The Insides

Facing frontwards again, place the 1 by 6 thick blocks(white in pic) 1 space apart and one space either side of block.(see pic, there are more blocks to come in but I needed to show you their place.)

Step 5: More Guts

Now for the top peices.(I have put them in grey so they stand out) Just put them on top of the insides. Simple.You can see I have put the other insides mentioned in previous pic into place.

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Put the last blocks into place, as the grey ones. then for the front.on top of the furthest forward 1 by 6 block place the 2 by 4 thick slanted block.

Step 7: Thatz It

You're done.You like it? Comments are greatfully accepted.If you think there are flaws in the design, please say.This is my first instructable.If you have more games(which I do)all you have to do is extend athe front and sides. That is the basic design.

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    10 years ago on Step 7

    WOW! this really worked for me! I was looking for an instructable for a DECENT umd rack and this sold me right away! THX!