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Unicorn Hot Chocolate tastes as amazing as it looks! And we have a cool trick to turn your milk pink without artificial food dyes! Credit to the Creme & Sugar Dessert Shop in Anaheim, CA for this fun hot chocolate idea! http://www.cremensugar.com/

For each cup of hot chocolate, you will need:

1 cup milk

1/4 cup white chocolate shavings or chips - use a good quality!

1/4 tsp. vanilla

Pinch of salt (optional)

Pink food dye -OR- Try our cool trick!

Mix everything together in a pot over medium heat until steaming - DO NOT BOIL! Serve with whipped cream, marshmallows & sprinkles.

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    8 Discussions

    Pink Everything! Cereal marshmallows would look awesome on top too (and they are very tasty) :D

    1 reply

    Boil beets in water. Add 2 tablespoons of the beet-water to the mixture.

    its in the video, you steam beats and use the water from doing that

    Yes, thanks tweaver7, we explain it all in the video. :)

    You two are amazing! I LOVE YOUR TIP to avoid the food dyes...I needed it! Another tip to add to that - I once bought powdered beet root. It is a deep, beautiful color in powder form. The taste is mild. It can be used as a natural dye also.

    1 reply

    Hi, CraftyMom here, thank you for your sweet words! And thanks for letting us know! We worked with beet root powder once and found it a little more difficult, we couldn't get the dots of color to fully blend in. But maybe it was the brand we used. :)