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This instructable includes the process to make a beautiful photo frame out of very simple and easily available materials.

I have just used some double sided tape, Glue ,Color pencils & few handmade papers which is easily available at home and are easy to use.

You could make this to gift it to someone special or use it to remember your old memories I am hope that you will enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: Gathering All the Materials Required....

You will just need a few simple things which you can easily found lying around you.

  1. A glue bottle (any glue or wood glue).
  2. A piece of full sized black handmade sheet & a small rectangular piece of blue, red, green or yellow handmade paper
  3. A double sided tape.
  4. A piece of long cardboard (hardness doesn't matter)
  5. 3*12 pencil colors(I used the old ones from a store)

Thats only what you need to make this beautiful piece of art.

Step 2: Start Making the Frame

  • First you have to stick the black handmade sheet on the cardboard with the wood glue & fold it into three parts to make sure the frame becomes sturdy.(you could use any cardboard I used a shoe box for this cardboard)
  • Put some glue on the edges of the frame.
  • To make the frame more attractive I used the blue handmade paper ,cut it into a square.
  • Leaving one inch from each side you have to stick the blue handmade paper on the black frame.


In this step I will use color pencils,some double sided tape & a hacksaw to cut the color pencils.

You need to perform these steps in order to have a perfect photo frame in just 10-15 min.

  • Cut the color pencils into half using a hacksaw and sharpen it using a sharpner
  • You have to use double sided tape in order to stick the pencils to the photo frame.
  • First, take a piece of double sided tape and stick it properly on the one inch border which was left in the second step.
  • Stick the color pencils on the other sides of the double sided tape.
  • Continue this process until the whole frame is bordered with colored pencils.
  • Note:-Try to cut the color pencils in equal halves it will enhance the look of you photo frame.




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