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Introduction: UP 3d Printer - 1kg Spool Holder and Filament Guide

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I was really excited to try black ABS plastic on our UP 3d printer. When the spool arrived in the mail I realized that the 1 Kg spool would not fit the holder on the printer. Dilemma?? I think not. All I had to do was design and print a new holder.

Step 1: Jury-Rig a Temporary Holder

 Before I could print a new holder for my larger spools, I needed to support the spool itself. I grabbed some scrap metal tubing and a scrap piece of plywood and rigged something up. When I got the spool back on, I supported the rig with my CPU.

Step 2: Design

 I quickly took measurements from the printer itself and started modeling my new parts in 3d. I decided to make two separate parts for the spool holder and guide so that I could make use of all four mounting screws. The original holder seemed a little too flimsy to adapt for a 1kg roll.

I strongly recommend sketching your concept before modeling in 3d. I was a little hasty with this project because I wanted to start printing right away. I was lucky that my first printed parts were successful. I find when you work too quickly, you end up with printed parts that don't work, because you miss some minor detail.

Step 3: Finished Product

 Last thing to do is take off the old holder and screw on the new one. This one works perfectly!

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    6 years ago on Step 3

    Will this one work with a larger spool, with an OD of 250mm ?