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Introduction: UPC Barcode Recycling Scanner

In many cases people want to recycle, but they don't know if the item is recyclable or not.

Our Recycling Scanner scans the UPC barcode and immediately gives the answer:

- Green light - RECYCLE

- Red light - TRASH

- Both red and green - UKNOWN (follow traditional recycling rules)

See demo at:

Parts list

(1) Arduino board (e.g. Arduino Uno)

(1) PS/2 barcode scanner (e.g. http://www.adafruit.com/products/1202)

(1) 5V Reed Relay (e.g. https://aerobasegroup.com/part-number/HE421A5623)

(1) 10KOhms Resistor

(2) 1KOhms Resistor

(1) 2N2222 Transistor

(1) Power source with USB output (e.g.http://www.amazon.com/Estone-Battery-Portable-Emer...


(1) Casing/box

(1) USB cable


1. Follow RecycleBarcodeScanner.pdf to connect parts together

2. Upload RecyScan.ino to Arduino board

3. Power up the scanner

4. Start scanning!

5. You can modify RecyScan.ino to add more green (recyclable) / red (trash) bar code



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    6 Discussions

    hai.. I really impressed with this project, I try to goggle for the ps/2 but I could not found it. can u give me the link to buy the ps/2

    Hello ,

    My name is Barış , I am from Turkey

    I m really impressed about your project and I want to do similar one but I m so rookie about pic programming.

    I would like to do when the servo motor change the direction according to barcode scanner read.

    Could you please show me the source about this project?

    2 replies

    Hi Baris, thanks for your interest!

    You can download the source code for our scanner above (see RecyScan.ino file).

    Let me know if you plan to use Arduino board - I can assist you to modify the code to control servo.


    Hello Vlad ,

    I would like to run the barcode scanner depends on photocell sensor .

    when the sensor detect some object barcode scanner activate and read the object.

    Can you help me ? Do you have source of the codes like this project?