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Introduction: [UPDATED] Create a Minecraft Mod

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This tutorial is outdated. I don't have the time right now to update it, however, I put together a recent article to help you out

[original post as follows]

Today, leeches and germs, we will learn to make a minecraft mod. This assumes that you have:

  1. A computer
  2. MCreator installed and working
  3. An Internet connection
  4. A human brain

On to the first step!

Note: There are a lot of variables on each menu that I won't talk about in this tutorial! However, it is encouraged that you mess around like any good maker would and see what it does. :D

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Step 1: Click on "Create New Element"

Pretty straightforward, right?

Step 2: Choose and Name Your Mod

In the text box type in the name of your mod. No spaces.

Choose a mod type from the radio boxes. This tutorial will cover a Block. New tutorials can be added on request :D

Click OK when you're done.

Step 3: Your First Step Into a Larger World

What you see here is the block texture menu. You don't have any textures yet so let's make one.

Click "Resources", and from that menu click "Create item/block texture" (not pictured)

Step 4: Navigating the Image Editor

You have no image. This tutorial doesn't cover using the default image creator items, but it's pretty straightforward to figure out.

Right. Click on "Load Image..." and select a picture you want to use. I'm using a 128 x 128 version of the Instructables Robot.

Step 5: Done With the Texture.

Click "Use".

Step 6: What?

This menu comes up. This texture is a block, so click that. Another box comes up, and in that you type the name you want to use for that texture. Still, no spaces.

Step 7: Add Your Texture

Click the blue-bordered side and select your texture from the menu that comes up.

Step 8: Fill the Rest

MCreator should have been smart enough to fill all of the sides for you with the texture you chose. If not, do them by hand. Same process. :P

When you're done, click next.

Step 9: Properties

This menu is the main menu for your block. It has things like hardness, [blast] resistance, luminance (which is a type, it should be luminescence), sound, etc.

The thing I changed was the "Name in GUI" (what it shows up as). Feel free to tinker.

Click next.

Step 10: Ooooh, Particles

Particle menu. I left everything as default, but the picture explains the options.

Step 11: Events

The noble event menu. I decided to make something happen when i right-clicked the block, so follow along, it's the same process for all conditions.

Click "Add Event" above "on block rightclicked"...

Step 12: Event Menu

This menu comes up. It has a lot of stuff, so feel free to mess around.

Click "Strike Lightning" and then "Add Event".

Click Next.

Step 13: OMG Crafting

Click any slot you want to have a crafting ingredient in and you'll be presented with a nice menu what lets you pick a block you want. Note: overflow items in the x and y directions have scrollbars, use 'em to find the block or item you want. Continue the process for all of the ingredients in your block, whether they be crafting or smelting.

Step 14: Also OMG, WorldGen!

Click the world generation button at the top of the crafting editor and you get another nice menu. The parts of that menu are described in the picture, so go ahead and edit the lower and upper bounds of the generation and choose your frequency and stuff

Click finish.

Note: You're not finished :D

Step 15: Wait for It to Compile

Wait for the console to say "Task Return Code Check OK"...

Step 16: Mod Menu

The click on the "My Workspace" button in the main menu.

Step 17: Details, Details, Details

Click "Export the Mod... and then fill in some details about your mod, click "Recompile and Export" and choose the location of where the zip (or jar, if you chose that) will be placed...

Voilà! You are now a mod developer! Go grab some food and eat it, you deserve it!

Last few steps if you don't already know:

  1. take your zip
  2. if you haven't yet run forge on your account, run it.
  3. put your zip in the %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder
  4. run forge on your account to use the mod
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