UROBOROS -Snake Shaped Bracelet With LED for Kids-




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Uroboros – A new idea for kids to experience e-textile, learning sewing machine & electric circuit with fun.

Enjoy making & playing with wonder of electricity !

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Eyelet punch
  • Disappearing ink pen
  • Non-stick foot for Sewing machine (Brother SA114)
  • Cutting mat
  • Scotch tape
  • Templates


  • Synthetic leather (6x23cm)
  • Circuit board
  • Conductive sewing thread
  • Embroidery thread
  • Lithium coin cell (CR1225 or CR1220)
  • Double sided tape (Thick type)

1. Set embroidery thread as upper thread, and conductive thread as bobbin thread.

Circuit diagram & board design are drawn per old version & does not contain USB terminal components.

Step 2: Making Decorative Stitches on Synthetic Leather

  1. Select your favorite stitch shape on your sewing machine.
  2. Remember reinforcement stitch at the beginning.
  3. Remember reinforcement stitch at the end.
  4. Pullout threads by 10cm (4 inches) and cut by scissors. (Do not use thread trimming button on the machine)
  5. Trim the upper (normal) thread & leave the bobbin(conductive) thread as it is.

Noted: Be sure to use non-stick foot (SA114)for smooth fabric feed.

Step 3: Cut Out Synthetic Leather

  1. Secure the left conductive thread with scotch tape not to be caught with the scissors trimming leather.
  2. Use template to draw snake-shape outline.
  3. Outline just done!
  4. Cut out the leather with scissors to the drawn outline.
  5. Make a slit in the bottom in the smaller part by folding in half so that the pinch of the clip could come through.
  6. Make 2 holes by eyelet punch with template.
  7. Remove scotch tape & free conductive thread.

Step 4: Assembly

  1. Insert button cell to battery holder (be sure of +/- orientation).
  2. Attach double-sided tape onto the circuit board.
  3. Place snake head onto circuit board.
  4. Remove release paper from the tape & wind conductive thread onto the USB terminal.
  5. Fix the end of conductive thread between snake head & double-sided tape.
  6. Snake head & body is complete. (You are almost there!)
  7. Attach double-sided tape onto battery holder.
  8. Put a knob into the hole & fix the smaller part on the double-sided tape.
  9. Your Uroboros is completed!
  10. Eyes should glitter once the snake bites the stitched tail.

Step 5: Try Playing With Your Uroboros!

  1. Connect as many Uroboros as possible. They will still glitter!
  2. Uroboros could work as conductivity tester. Let’s see what object has conductivity and what doesn’t.

! Caution: NEVER INSERT Uroboros into the electrical outlet or home appliances which could cause electric shock.

Step 6: We Have Many Kids Making Their Own Ourboros!

Step 7: Program Your Own Glittering Pattern!

You could manipulate the glittering pattern by coding through USB terminal.




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    2 Discussions


    Question 3 months ago on Introduction

    Do you know where one can find those boards? I’ve looked and looked but can’t seem to find anyone that sells them...

    Better yet, does anyone sell kits with some boards, some conductive thread etc?

    1 answer

    Answer 3 months ago


    you very much for contacting us and we are terribly sorry for being so late

    replying to you as I have been away.

    The circuit board could be made by Chinese vendor. To make it a bit easier we will publish another instructables how to do that in 1-2 weeks Please be patient.

    As for conductive thread availability, we have same problem as you, buying
    conductive thread in US consumer market. We can buy steel wire type on popular
    DIY web shop (Adafruit, Sparkfun, etc.), but there may be no shop selling
    silver plated fiber. Please try contacting

    conductive thread company Mitsufuji with this web form. https://www.mitsufuji.co.jp/en/contact/
    They should be able to get you a quote.

    If yo have any further question, please just let us know. Regards. d-faB