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Introduction: URSULA Little Mermaid Polymer Clay Cuff

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I made this cuff based on Disney's Ursula limited edition designer collection villains doll. I'm currently been loving making Disney inspired charms and pendants from polymer clay but this is my first villain character. She looked pretty cute when worn as if she's wrapped her tentacles on your arm. Let me know what you think.

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Step 1: Materials

  • Polymer Clay - Oven-baked modelling clay. I used Premo brand in colors violet, purple,black, white glitter, translucent, gold
  • Liquid clay - Fimo Dekogel
  • Mica powders - Pearl-Ex in gold, pink and lavender
  • Metal cuff
  • Paints - Genesis heat set paints or acrylic or pastels
  • Tools- pasta machine, acrylic roller, knife,ball stylus, silicone shaper, needle tool, paint brush
  • Texture stamps
  • Oven

Step 2: Preparing the Cuff

Roll the violet clay flat with an acrylic roller or pass it through the pasta machine on the third setting. Then with a texture sheet, imprint designs on the clay by rolling an acrylic roller on top. You can also use rubber stamps for this step.

To help stick the clay to the metal cuff, brush some liquid clay on the surface. Put the sheet of clay on top and cut off the excess with a knife. Lightly press the clay on the cuff to avoid distorting the texture.

Step 3: Sculpting Ursula

Take your light purple clay and make an elongated tapered rod. With the help of a silicone shaper, create the curves of the neck, back and waist. (2nd photo)

Her head is a tear drop shape, indenting the eye sockets and shaping the nose using the silicone shaper.

Add on her chest a round shape for her breast and a flattened piece of black clay for her top. (4th photo)

For her eyes, put a tiny black round ball and draw in the upper eyelids with a needle tool.

Put a thin rope of black for her eyelashes and eyebrow.

Step 4: Tentacles & Hair

Her tentacles are elongated tapered ropes of purple clay, with the thick end placed below the waist and the rest in curves or S-shape. Make the suckers by indenting the lower side of the tentacles with a straw and ball stylus. (3rd photo)

For her arm, it's a thin elongated tapered rod that is bended in the middle to form the elbow. (4th and 5th photo)

Her hair are thin ropes of white clay placed on top of each other on the head until it looks full.

Her sea shell necklace is a tiny elongated rod with the tapered end rolled towards the end.

With a paint brush, add gold mica powder on the back ground to highlight the texture. I also added some pink mica powder on the suckers.

Pre-bake the cuff for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Painting

When the piece is fully cooled, roll out another flat sheet of violet clay and place it on the other side of the cuff. Blend the excess clay on the baked clay and make indents with a needle tool.

To add more details on Ursula, paint some peach color on her cheek, on top of the nose, elbow and hand. Paint the lips red and eyelid purple. I also lightly painted the top of the tentacles black. I used heat set paints but you can use acrylic paints or pastels.

Bake the cuff in the oven based on your clay manufacturer's direction. I baked mine for 40 minutes in a 120 - 130 degrees celsius.

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