U.S. States Project Helps

Introduction: U.S. States Project Helps

The backstory to this instructables comes from a project that I recently undertook. I had set-out to create a Mother's Day gift for my grandmother. I had looked over projects on both Thingiverse and instructables and couldn't quite find a project that I was truly inspired by and wanted to take on, but I did remember an instructables from a few years ago in which user "goydaeh" created Christmas Ornaments that each had a different state of the United States of America on it. (Here is a link to that project: 50 States, 50 Ornaments ) I liked this project, and I decided that I likewise wanted to do something that involved 3D printing and the U.S. States since my grandmother has lived in seven different states and my dad has lived in one other. When I undertook this project, I came across an issue in which the outlines of each state, while readily available from 50states.com, they are not readily available in a format that can be used with CAD software to create objects with. So I then undertook the task of downloading these outlines and converting them into .svg format so that you can import them into either a vector graphics program or into your preferred CAD software to create things with them. Below you will find linked both the cropped versions saved in a regular image format as well as the .svg versions for working them into other projects. I am also working on uploading them as .dfx format for people who use a CAD program that requires that file type. Enjoy and feel free to use for your project as that is why I am uploading them, however, if you use these files, please leave a link in your project that comes back to this project. Also, I will have a few slides down below of the project that I used these files for. Thank you for viewing.

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Step 1: MawMaw's Mother's Day Project

As listed in the description, here are a few screenshots of the project in which I needed these files for. Like I have previously stated, my grandmother has lived in seven different states (my grandfather was Air Force) and my dad lived in one other while going to college. I decided that it would be a nice project and work these states into some sort of 3D printed object. Hope that this idea might give you some sort of idea for your own project. Enjoy.

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