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Introduction: USB Bike Light Desk Lamp

So after being faced with the predicament of a lack of light at my desk, it was time to do something about it. I was too cheap to go out and buy a lamp so I decided to make my own!

I used an old bike lamp that my grandfather salvaged from the dump and hooked it up to run off of the 5 volt power supply from one of my USB ports. An old USB extension cord was butchered and the red and black wires were used to supply the power, however a quick confirmation check never hurts with a multimeter! I used small ring connectors and soldered them to the ends of the wires, attaching them at appropriate points to the lamp. (this may differ depending on the style of lamp used) I was lucky enough to find one 5 volt bulb amongst my 'stuff', ordinary 2.5volt bulbs blew out in about 2 seconds...

Odd lengths of dowel were used to construct the stand, the ends being cut as shown in the pictures on a bandsaw and two screws used as pivoting points. They were rounded using a bench top grinder which also gave a nice burnt wood finish to the corners. I didn't use any measurements, I just went by what looked proportionally right. The dowel stand was secured to the base by a snug fit into a hole that was drilled at some kind of angle, and the cord was fed through two holes that met up at their ends and formed a tunnel through the wooden base...

I am hoping the photo's are pretty self explanatory, it wasn't uploaded as a set of instructions on how to make an exact replica anyway. More so, as an ignition source of inspiration that will set you off on a creative path that will lead you to a design of your own! Don't be hating on the craftsmanship of the lamp, I know its a bit rough. But, it was less than 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees F) in the shed, which for Australia is extremely cold, so there's my excuse!! This just shows that something can be made out of what was essentially nothing! Happy building! :)

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