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Introduction: USB Bionicle Mask Flash Drive

This is a really sick Bionicle mask USB flash drive i made with a stripped down flash drive and a Bionicle mask. If you use a sandisk cruzer then it has a light that fades in and out on the back where the eyes of the mask are and it looks like the eyes are glowing orange!

Things you will need:

               1 A bionicle Mask big enough to hold the flash drive.

              2. Some hot glue or crazy glue. the more, the better it will hold up. I only had to use a little crazy glue and it has worked great.

              3.  And a Clothes clamp for holding the mask and the drive together for the glue drying process. But be careful not to clamp it early on in the drying process to to prevent moving the drive inside the mask while it is drying

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Step 1: The Insertion

Ok so this is super easy so ill run you through what i did.

Step 1. I stripped down a usb flashdrive. (Sandisk Cruzer with 4 gigs) but any other brand flash drive will do just fine. Then i got a bionicle mask (Preferably the older ones because they add originality but any other one that will be big enough will be just as legit)  

Step 2: Adding Glue

Step 2. I added super glue to the inside of the bionicle mask where it will be making contact with the USB drive.

Step 3: Drying

Step 3. After inserting the usb drive and gluing as needed, what i did is held it together with my fingers for a good 2 mins to make sure the glue was bonding and then i got a a clothes clamp and it held the drive together along with the mask untill it dried. 

Step 4: Finished Product!!!

Now you have your very own Bionicle usb flash drive! Now go plug it in and feel awesome.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Great idea.

    My brother wants a Bionicle Christmas this year, so I dug through some old toy boxes and found a red mask for Kopaka. I have a 1 GB sandisk micro cruzer. I'm going to work on it tonight!