Robert and Tylers USB CD Lamp

Introduction: Robert and Tylers USB CD Lamp

FIrst to build this lamp you must have 
A soldering iron
wire cutters and strippers
5 blue LEDS
a spool of red wire
a spool of black wire 
a few inches of this wire
some duct tape
5 200 ohm resistors
2 cds
and a USB Cable you are willing to cut up.
also another helpful tool but one doesn't need this is a hot glue gun

your lamp will end up looking something like this 

Step 1:

Before we start on this i just want to let you all know that the short end of the LED is the negative side and the long end is the positive side. Also leave enough space in between each LED to make it attachable to the CD

step one 

take the resistors and attach them all to the positive end of your LEDS. One resistor to each LED. the 200 ohm resistors can be replaced by two one hundred ohm resistors as well. once all the resistors are attached, solder the resistors to the LEDS. 

step two

Take the spool of red wire and mesure out enough to attach all the resistors. 

step three

take the spool of black wire and measure out enough to  attach the negative ends of the LEDS. Then solder on the negative side to the black wire. 

step four 

Drill five holes in a cd.

step five

attach the LEDS to the CD. I used hot glue but one could use normal glue as well

step six 

Take the big wire and separate and strip it

step seven

solder the black wire to the big black wire and the red wire to the big black wire.

after all this it should look like this

Step 2:

Step eight

take the big wire and attach it to the USB cord. 

Step 3:

step nine 

attach one cd on top of the other cd using the duck tape.

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