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I'm 14....I love sports. MY favorite sport is baseball. I love guns...I love to go to guns shows!

In this instructable Im goin to show/tell you how to make a calculator with a USB in it. You will need.
USB drive
Mini screwdriver
Multi-purpose cement
Knive (I prefer a Victorinox)

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Step 1: Step One: Taking Apart the Calculator

Before you can put your striped down USB in your calculator you have to the calculator. Un-screw the screws and pull the cover off!

Step 2: Step Two: Gutting the Calculator

Before you can put your USB drive in the calculator you have to cut down some of the support strips in the calculator. Use your knife and cut down the support strips to make room for your USB so that it doesn't break when there is pressure on it!

Step 3: Step Three: Cutting the Hole

Cut a hole to see the LED to know that your USB drive is working!

Step 4: Step Three: Gluing the USB

After you have put the USB drive in to make sure it fits use multi purpose cement

Step 5: Step Four: Put It Back Together

After your cement has dried put the calculator back together! Then your done

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a cool hack! I want someone to make a portable 2 color printer so I can run a tape from my computer calculator program. That way I don't need a separate calculator to print my calculations and go back and forth between the two.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    too much weight on that connector, unless you rest it on something.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    so big USB flash housing? Why u dont make it charge the calculator form USB or make it communicate with the PC via usb for extra num pad

    Yea..I just made it.. I'm 14 so I just made this which is a calculator/USB drive.. I'm sorry if it is not what your looking for.. Its my first instrucable

    4 replies

    Thank you for publishing your Instructable. That is a good and brave thing to do at age 14. Explore interests you have. Come back and continue to share ideas and projects you develop over the years.

    Phil B

    9 years ago on Introduction

    You fitted a USB storage drive to the case of a calculator. You are not powering a calculator from a USB port on a computer. You are not storing data from the calculator on the USB storage drive. You simply have a very large case for a USB storage drive that is also a calculator. Is that correct?

    2 replies