USB Charger Kink Protector From an Upcycled Pen

Introduction: USB Charger Kink Protector From an Upcycled Pen

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In this Instructable I will show you how to use the spring from an old ink pen and make a kink protector for small wires. I know that almost all of us have small wires either on our phones, pads, earphones, or robotics. This will give you a way to take an old pen that does not work anymore and use the spring for making those wires last a lot longer.

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Step 1: Stripping the Pen

The materials list for this project is short and sweet. You need a usb charging cable or other small cable of your choice. One pair of needle nose pliers (optional). Finally an old ink pen that no longer works. I stress the old pen because we use and waste enough items in technology that we need to conserve where we can. If you clean out your car, or around your computer desk, you are bound to find the right pen for the job. This one came out of my truck from the million trips to the bank teller.

So, we need to open the pen and take the spring out. This is the important part. I know that many of you are saying well that leaves a lot of interesting and wasted bits. In robotics or development small plastic bits come in handy so toss them in your small plastics bin. Also, I will find a way to melt the plastic and reuse it in a 3D printer, someday. NOTE: Future Instructable.

Step 2: Twisting the Spring Onto the Cable

In the top picture you will see that I have the spring with the large end out. This is how you will want to place it on the cable. You will start the spring like a keyring. You may use the needle nose pliers here. It is small work. Just twist the spring into place until you have it all the way on.

Step 3:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have completed this simple Instructable. Just plug it in and use the cable with the assurance that you will not damage the wires at the connector. This shop hack is a simple solution to protect your delicate cables. It reuses a part that would otherwise go in the waste bin. I also think this will help you impress your romantic interest. Just kidding. We make no guarantees for your love life. Seriously though, this can be used on auxiliary cables, earbuds, or any small cable. I use this on all my special cables like ASUS pads, or ipads and phones. It is protection for all your small technology wires. Oh yeah, I also use it on my drones and robotics for motion wires.

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