we all need better signal strength in dongle specially in remote areas or even in urbun areas

I'm come up with an idea to enhence the signal quality at allmost zero cost,from normal house hold material.

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Step 1: Required Parts

1.tetra pack box(it has inbuilt layer of aluminium foil )

2.usb extension cable

3.usb dongle blade

Step 2: ​step1:clean and Prepare Tetra Pack Box

take a tetra pack box of maximum size or u can even use smaller one in which dongle and usb female socket adjust but the biger is better.cut one of large side a square window as in diagram.

Step 3: Step2:make a Cut on Cap of Tetra Pack

to pass out usb cable through the cap.

Step 4: Step3:place Usb Dongle Inside the Tetra Pack

now face the opening of tetra pack towards direction to get maximum signal and enjoy increased signal and internet speed

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    3 years ago

    easy to built and fastest go to make.