Introduction: USB Fan

Hey guys. This is my first Instructable, so I decided to make an easy tutorial. This Instructable will show how to make a simple USB powered fan. You could use this tool to cool yourself on a hot day, or possibly use it as a windmill in a survival situation.

You will need:

An empty plastic bottle
One small motor(I got mine from an old RC helicopter)
Some heat shrink tubing
Some duct tape or electrical tape
Something to mount the fan ( in my case a piece of wood)
Some wire
A momentary switch
A soldering iron
Any glue( hot glue or super glue works best)

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Step 1: The Connections

First you are going to plan out the circuit for your fan. There is a labeled diagram of the circuit in one of the pictures.
The process of soldering the wires is very easy. It only took me 10 minutes and I'm a soldering beginner. In total there are 5 solder connections or 7 if you choose to add extra wire.

Step 2: Mounting It

This is the easiest step in the process. Basically all you have to do is glue the motor and switch to whatever you are mounting it on and then tape around all the wires with duct tape or electrical tape.

Step 3: Making the Propeller

This is the hardest things to make in the process because it involves melting the bottom of a plastic bottle and bending the hot plastic into the shape of a fan. I used a soldering iron for melting the plastic but you could easily use a candle or lighter. Also I recommend using pliers to bend it so you don't burn your fingers.

Step 4: Attaching the Propeller

There are two ways to attach the propeller to the motor. You can either glue it or meld it into the plastic. I decided to meld with the plastic because it is more permanent. All you need to do is heat up the rod of the motor and heat up the plastic and push them together.

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