Intro: USB Fan

Sweaty summer day by the computer? Office A/C broke? Watch this ! You can make a simple USB fan using a card board, a USB cable, and a small DC fan motor. It's quick and easy! Don't suffer from the heat. Watch this tutorial and with these circuitry tips, build a simple USB fan and connect with your pc also you can connect USB cable with OTG cable and connect to mobile phone.

Step 1: Equipments Needed

1.DC Motor

2.USB Cable

3.Card Board


Step 2: Make Two Stands for Motor

Cut the cardboard as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Connect the DC Motor With USB Data Cable

Connect the DC motor with one end removed USB data cable.

Step 4: Make Leaf for Motor

Using card boards ,make leaf for the motor so that only we can get the breeze.



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