Introduction: USB Fan

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In this project, I let you see how you simply can make a USB fan, success!

Step 1: Things You Need

Materials you need for this project:

- FAN (from old computer)

- Piece of cable

- USB connector (or cable, then also use red/black wires)

- Switch

- 2x 3/16 inch screw and bolt

- Shrink tubing

Tools you need:

- Hot Glue gun

- Soldering iron

- Pliers

- Hot air gun

Step 2: Prepare Fan

I used an old 12V DC fan from a scrap computer.

You can also buy them on E-Bay for a few dollars.

Cut out the plug of the fan, then remove the yellow cable.

Yellow cable is used for measuring RPM.

Step 3: Mounting the Screws

I attached the screws to the top to get a proper angle.

By using different lengths you can determine a good angle.

Step 4: Mounting the Switch

Glue the switch on the fan housing with hot glue.

Step 5: Connect Cables to Switch

start with the stripping of the cable.

I used the red and purple wire from a universal cable (when using USB cable you need red and black wire).

Connect the red (+) wire of the fan with the switch.

Connect the red (+) wire of cable with the switch.

Connect black wire from fan with the purple (black USB) wire from cable.

Use shrink tubing to work it off.

Step 6: Connect Cable to USB Plug

Now solder the red cable to the +5V terminal and the purple (black USB) wire to the GND terminal.

Use shrink tubing to work it off.

Step 7: Ready!

USB Fan is now ready!

See the end of the video for testing result!

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3 Discussions


3 years ago

Cool :)

I like this thanks :)


3 years ago

I love making these for my office, however there is always one problem.
The most output you can get via USB is 5V and the fan works at 12V. So the fan is very very weak.

Great little build though. :)


Reply 3 years ago

Correct, it'll be really weak that way.

You can buy 5V fans though...