Introduction: USB JAR

Dear this is a jar used with Peltier unit electronic cooling effect and heating effect. It can be operated from 5V DC up to 12V DC.It also can connect with a PC, its will keep hot drink remain hot for long time and cool drink remain cool for long.If we used 12V DC supply then we can make tea and ice in this cup.
Note: if there is some problem to view this file the kindly used this link to download and play with that.



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    If you do make this a full ible, you should mention that you used a peltier unit instead of a PN junction. Just so viewers can understand what they're looking at. And if you use a PC, make sure the port will allow you to pull all 500mA. You can either add pullup resistors to the data lines to simulate a PC connection, or use a self powered hub. which can provide much more that 500mA in some cases.

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    how about less caps lock ;) can u make this a full ible? it will be better than just a slideshow :) also.. no caps lock XD its not cruise control for cool ;)

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    it would be nice to see this as a full ible :) i have a heat pump in need of a good use XD