USB LED Lamp-keyboard Lamp,reading Lamp...



Introduction: USB LED Lamp-keyboard Lamp,reading Lamp...

A few days ago I found a circuit with some LEDs from an old vacuum and I started thiking what I could do with them and finally this idea popped into my mind:a USB lamp. It's very easy to do and you can easily find the materials at home. Once it's made is very useful for reading at night or for the laptop keyboard to see well.

So start reading and then make it. There are many possibilities for this project so if you make it leave a comment with a picture of it. Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


-An old usb cable

-Metal wire


-LEDs and resistors(as I mentioned before I am using one old circuit I found)



-Hot glue gun


-Soldering iron

-3Doodler(or any 3d printer)

Step 2: The Circuit

First we need the lights so if you can't find one or you want to make it on your own you can see how to make one on my last instructable.

After that cut two long pieces of wire and stripe the ends. Solder one wire to the positive wire of the LEDs and the other wire to the negative side.Then cut the USB and stripe the wire. You'll see there are many wires but you'll only need the red and black wire(positive and negative) so cut the other ones. Solder the positive wire of the circuit to the red wire of the USB and do the same with the other one.Test it.

Step 3: The Lamp Support

First with the hot glue insulate the soldered parts and join the wires.

Cut a piece of metal wire of the same length of the wires and with the hot glue join it to the wires to make them stronger.When you finish with this take the tape and start covering the wires from the USB to the LEDs. Cover everything and make it look as you want.

Step 4: The LEDs Cover

I'm using the 3Doodler for the cover but you can use anything else.

First I drew the desing and I made sure everything was right. Then with the 3Doodler I started printing the cover by parts.I made 2 sides, the upper part and the LEDs piece. When I finished I made sure everything fits and with the hot glue gun I stick the cover to the LEDs circuit. As you can see I also did other things with the 3Doodler ;).

Step 5: Use It!

Now you have finished so you just have to connect it to your laptop or phone charger, use it and enjoy your new creation.There are many uses and designs for this so I hope you like it.

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