USB LED Nightlight/lantern

Introduction: USB LED Nightlight/lantern

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make a USB lantern.
You will need:
A USB cable
 2 LEDs
a double fudge brownie
a container
a switch
a soldering iron, and  now, you're set!

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Step 1: Building the Circut

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL USING SOLDERING!  If you already know anything about electronics go ahead and skip this step.  So if you're an newbie this is a great project. 

Step 2: Containers

For a container I recommend a tupperware or something else that's plastic.  Carefully use a knife, scissors, or a box cutter to cut holes for the wire and switch.

Step 3: Your Finised

Now your finished!  If you have any suggestions please comment and vote of instructable!

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