USB Lamp




Introduction: USB Lamp

Step 1: What You Need

2 old cd or dvd, USB cable, office paper clip, 1 leaf, glue, soldering iron, bulb (max. 2,5W), the basis from the old rosette,

Step 2: USB Cable

Prepare USB Cable

Step 3: Bulb and Cable

Solder on bulb (max. 2,5W)

Step 4: Put Together

Hide the cable in the rosette

Step 5: Support

Make shade support

Step 6: Shade

Make shade from leaf

Step 7: Finish

Good luck with this work. :)



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    31 Discussions

    i think the usb have 4 wires right? we only use black and red what about the other wires?

    7 replies

    red and black are the power wires, the other two are for data, but we dont need to exchange data.
    to be clear:
    red= +5v
    black= ground
    green= data ground
    white = data +

    i had thought that negative ( red ) was ground and positive ( black ) ws +5v.

    oh im not very good at this sort of stuff and i he alot on my mind right now lol.

    Ya we have 4 wires but we use only 2 they r red and black because they r power cables while green and white r for transfering Data .

    basiclly, just get a few White or any colored LEDs and hook them up to a 1k resistor. The output is 9 volts out of a USB plug

    Actually the output of a standard usb port is 5v at 500-1000Ma depending on the controller card.

    i'd just get a few 5v - 6v max LED's and hook em up, maybe a resistor to make the LED last longer...

    the orange thing is called a<br/>2-Position Dual-Row Barrier Strips, and can be purchased at radioshack for $2.29. You can buy bigger ones for more money too. Here is the link for both big and small.<a rel="nofollow" href="">link</a><br/><br/>Here is the link for the smaller one . <a rel="nofollow" href="">link</a><br/><br/>I am sorry but the link would not move from in between (and & small)<br/>

    1 reply

    Or they can be called terminal blocks, choc-blocks or terminal strip :) (just so you can do a search on them)

    Thanks a lot for that idea I made it with an 3.8V bulb My usb cable was 4V So now I made a greate flashlight 5/5