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Intro: Mini USB Freezer

USB mini Fridges have been kinda popular around the enter net so i thought i would try to correct a flaw i saw with a lot of peoples designs, capacity!

This Fridge holds a maximum of three cans, and is supper cheep, easy, and efficiently cools your favorite beverages at any usb port, or your computer, game station, or even your car, or wall usb plug in.

Step 1: Diagram

I stumbled upon this device inside my unpublished instructional file, and i decided to make a diagram on ms paint so i could possibly publish this. 

You will have to cut a hole in the tin of the can for a heat sinc, and drill a small hole for the wiring.



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    2 years ago

    Are these just peltier pieces?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Any one I need to store eggs , if I build one with 2 peltier 90w each with 200w psu, can i keep them fresh for a week?
    please help, I live in a guest house fridge is not here anymore..
    I will use the same setup above but 4 fans and more ampere.