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Introduction: USB Moodlight

In this instructable, i will teach you (and everyone else) how to make the coolest 2 dollar usb moodlight ever! This is my 3rd instructable, and i am taking pictures with a webcam. I have had a few technical difficulties with the notes, so... Unfortunatly, there isnt any, but i think the instructions are good enough. I hope you guys like it! And please! COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT OR MADE IT. And plus it if you like it.

Step 1: Materials

To make this, you will need the following items/tools:
4.5 volt mini mood light, Dolloramma
USB cable, salvaged, available at Dolloramma
Box cutter or wire cutter/stripper (wire stripper that is, you perverted fool)
Soldering iron/solder (optional)
Electrical Tape
Your Hands

Step 2: Step # 1, 2, and 3 Combined.

Strip the USB cable's outer layer, and the insulation on the red and black wires, cut off the other two (white and green). Take off the battery cover on the moodlight... take out the batteries. Then you will need to use the screwdriver (not in material list) to unscrew the 4 screws under the moodlight.

Step 3: Step # 4, 5 and 6 Combined

Now you will need to twist, or solder, the 2 wires, red and black, to the proper places inside the moodlight. Then, make a small notch that is big enough for the wire to go through, be careful though! Now you are ready to re-assemble the moodlight and enjoy. The next step is pictures of my end results.

Step 4: End Results




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    11 Discussions

    Very Cool Project, You may want to be careful with the Amerage pull though.

    So i need a USB cable? Once i get one, i trim off 3 inches, from the side without the metal thing? Then i cut off the green and white wires? I attach the red and black to the moodlight? I reassemble? lmao read that and tell me if i'm doing everything right. Oh yea, and how does this work? do i put the usb into the computer? lmao what is supposed to light up?

    1 reply

    Haha, Nice name man, ok, You've got it all right... Once you're done you plug it into a computer and flick the power switch on the moodlight... then the moodlight's lights light up... phew. thats a lot of "light" =P

    Nice job gamer, looks great. Just saying, you shouldn't use the webcam because most of their qualities suck, like mine.. but yours is okay. I'm just saying, it would look better if you were to use normal cameras, which come out perfect all the time, well, most of the time, then I could really do this no problem. But, still, your instructions are easy to read, and this Instructable is cool like all your others, nice job!

    2 replies

    Nice Instructable! I've been looking around for something like this, I always thought these were so cool! But it would be nice if you post up clearer images... Thanks! ~Shifrin

    2 replies

    i think its the best pics the webcam can take, and its all microsofts fault, hehe. thanks! -gamer