USB NES Port and 4gb Zelda Cartridge




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I thought it would be neat to have a 1/4 scale NES to display in my game room and on my desk for friends and family to see since I'm such a big fan of the old BUILT ONE! complete with a 4Gb Zelda Cart and NES Zapper Laser Pointer!

When plugged in, The NES power light kicks on showing there is a connection. When inserted the Zelda cart acts as a 4Gb Memory card. The Zapper..well..unlike the REAL one, It can  actually cause eye damage and doesn't require a TV! My favorite thing is when friends and family come over and see that I have a NES plugged into my 360..I don't know why they think it's soo funny but I would guess it's just the irony.

So anyways, here's a short vid showing it working and a few pics. Thanks for looking   : )

(The scale is just a rough guess)




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    Extremely awesome! Reminds me of Fungus Amungus ible. But this one gets bonus points for self made scale nes and cartridge! Well done!

    What material is this made from? Any chance of an instructable? This would be awesome to make!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It's entirely scratch made from some plastic styrene sheets I had laying around. The hinge isn't the traditional for NES but it was the best way to make it for this project.

    Thank You!