USB Powered Air Mattress Pump

Introduction: USB Powered Air Mattress Pump

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Everybody that has gone camping usually runs into his problem. Your all ready to setup your camp including your tent and air mattress. You whip out your air mattress pump and... Ohh no! The batteries are dead again! This instructable shows how to convert a 4 - Dcell air mattress blower into a 5v USB Power. This can be plugged into any USB port including your car charger, or phone charger. No more dead batteries!

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Step 1: Wiring and Soldering

Drill hole in the side of the blower to feed wire inside.

Strip back the wires on the USB cable and cut the green and white wires off. These are normally the data lines, which are not being used. Before cutting off the wires make sure to check the voltage using a Meter. The red and black wires are the ones you'll be using. Red is your positive (+) symbol and black is your negative (-) symbol.

Once you feed the wire through the hole, tie a knot in the cable to prevent it from being ripped out.

Strip the plastic sheathing off of them and solder them onto the right thermals. If there are more than 2 terminals inside of your blower use a meter to check for continuity between them.

Your done! No more dead batteries!

Step 2: The Video

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    Is that a certain kind of air pump. How can you get the motor to run with 5V when 4 D-cells is 6V? I tried it and it hasn't worked for me. I've run up to 3A from a 5V usb plug. (and yes, I have the right terminals because I got the motor to run with 12V and some wires)