USB Powered Hub Hack for Raspberry Pi External Harddrive

Intro: USB Powered Hub Hack for Raspberry Pi External Harddrive

Step 1: Intro


I recently got a Raspberry Pi to use as a HTPC running Raspmc.
But came into problems where the Rpi does not provide enough bus power on its USB ports to power a 2.5" external harddrive.
So I decided to add a external 5v power supply to provide power to a hub with its own switch.

I am using the USB port on the TV to power the Rpi and a 5v 1000mA to supply the hub with the harddrive attached..

This is what i did..

Step 2: Requirements

For this Instructable I have use bits and pieces that I had floating around the house..

All that is needed is a:
Powered hub
Toggle switch
Some heat shrink tube
A few pieces of wire
Soldering iron
Some DC male/female connectors
And a 5v power supply (1000mA is enough)

Step 3: Take Apart

I removed the cover for the hub and removed the DC jack connected to the circuit board.

Just to be safe check the polarity with a multimeter by taking a Male DC jack and testing for continuity on the +5v line and negative rails on the board its self. 
With the hub I am using there are 2 Negative (Far left and far right pins) and the center pin is +5v.

Step 4: Add the Switch

Then solder the toggle switch in between the +5v line and the board.

Connect the negative straight to the board. ( The board had 2 negative pins so I made a small Y-split)
I have used a male usb cable to power hub so it can still be used on a computer. (I cut the green and white data lines off so it's just the 5v+ and negative )

Step 5: Test

After I tested to make sure nothing was shorting and the switch works I put it all back together..
(There are now 2 switches on the hub. The original is to turn the actual ports off and the added toggle switch turns on the main power)



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    4 Discussions

    Rocking Arduinos

    4 years ago

    I never had problems with using a USB hub to power my raspberry pi and it's running for almost a year now. Nice tut btw.