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Introduction: USB Powered Wine Bottle Light.

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I have always liked to make something using USB. Now I would like to unveil the USB powered wine bottle light, which is so marvelous at night. This is very simple and easy (which I also like)  to make, and the best part is, it is a great gifting idea, especially on christmas, because the light gives some ''christmas spirit''. It can also be a home decoration, that everyone might like. You can also make a number of bottles like this. (If you liked this project after reading, please vote this in the competition)

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Step 1: And You'll Need These.

This is a simple project. (most of mine will be simple.) So the items listed here will also be simple.
1) A good quality wine bottle with good in built shade.(removal of labels is your choice.)
2) A USB cable. the point where it connects to another device doesn't matter.
3) 5 to 6 LEDs. for the best results, try the tri-color LEDs.
4) A large piece of firm cardboard for the stand. 
5) Pair of long wires. (not so long.)
6) A flexible LED strip for a bulb inside the bulb effect.
7) A strip of flexible steel wires for the frame of the LEDs.
8) A battery, if not connecting to USB.
9) Duct tape or sticky tape
10) stapler (optional.)

Step 2: Make the Stand.

Here, I have tried out two types of stands. One is a single stand, while another one is the double.
But I personally liked the single stand, because it looked more beautiful and effortless to me.
whether you're going to do type one or type two, first, take a cardboard, and draw an outline of the bottom of the bottle, and draw a stand like structure (It's up to your desire) on the half of the circle around it. if you're confused, look at the pictures. Make sure that you leave enough space between the bottom of the circle and the bottom line. Now cut out the part of the stand structure without the circle.
If you are going to make single stand, you'll need three of them. If double, 6 (3,3) of these parts is needed. check whether the bottle fits into the cut out half circle, and staple/tape it as three. If you need, you can also paint the stand in your favorite colors. You can also keep modeling clay at the bottom for support. (but mine stood without it)

Step 3: Make the Frame for LEDs

The frame for the bulbs is somewhat important because it gives some firmness to the circuit. I wanted to make the LEDs arranged like leaves, so I made the frame like the branches. you'll need a steel wire that is a little more higher than the bottle in comparison to size. cut those wires into smaller pieces. and bend that so the small strip of steel wire has a shape of ''j'' or like a golf bat. you should have the same number of strips as the number of LEDs used. Now join the strips via the tape. You can also try and see the outcome without the tape and then try it out.

Step 4: Make the Wiring to the LEDs

Now, the wires connected to the LEDs must be done.
First, cut out wires in the length of the parts of the frame except the first wiring which should be longer and the number of frame parts both in black and red. Tip: set poles for the colors of the wires. example: red=ground, black=positive here, I set red as ground and black as positive. Set the first segment with LEDs, and from the LED itself, connect to the second one. And do this to all LEDs continuously.

Step 5: Assembly in the Bottle

Now connect the LEDs to the frame. Make sure that the LEDs are in the place of the edges of the parts of the frame, and tape it.
And fold the flexible LED strip in the shape of ''u'' and tape it with the bulbs outside. So this gives the bulb inside the bulb effect. Now slowly insert the LED sticked to the frame inside the bottle via the frame. And insert the strip too, which is in the ''u''shape. now connect both positives into a new wire. and also do that to the ground/negative. Then drill the cap of the bottle to let the wires out, and close the bottle. 

Step 6: Now Connect It to the USB Cable

note: if you don't want to use USB in the project, you can skip this step.
cut the part in the USB cable near the point that is connected to another device. remove the outer rubber insulation slightly, and remove the foil-like structure and the silver wires. now you can see 4 small wires with each color. black, white, green and red. cut out the green and white wire (it is like deactivating a bomb. haha), the black is the ground and the red is the positive. So connect them with the wires from bottle. in this case, black to red and red to black. and tightly (not extremely tight.) seal them with tape. 
caution: the USB port gives only 5v of power. if you exceed this limit, it may damage your computer's port.
And now add it to the computer and see how it glows.

Step 7: Any Problem, Solution.

If the lighting doesn't work, the reasons are,
1) The circuit may be connected wrong or + is connected to - or vice versa.
2) The USB port's limit may be exceeded. remove it now and reduce the load.
3) The tape may be extremely sealed tightly. Loosen it and seal it.
If you found out any problems, please comment it.
and I am not responsible for any damages caused by this project.

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