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Introduction: USB Sesame Street Zombie/desk Decorations

I work in a very creative environment where i have to exchange a lot of files... I need to have a couple of USBs handy and i also have to compete with everyone's desk decorations... i made some very bad a$$ one of a kind decorations that are a hit at the office... i hope you guys like my idea and make some of your own

Mine are kinda based on a zombie sesame street.. i had tons of fun making them

Materials are
sculpey about 1.75 lbs or more depending on the amount of figurines
some kind of wire
Acrylic paint

All you have to do is create the body.. the head.. and isntead of using wire to reinforce them when you join them.. you use a USB to hold their head together..

I use the wire to reinforce the union between legs, arms and on earnie.. ears lol

Once you make the impression of the use and the cap on the sculpey... take the USB and them out unless you have an oven safe USB lol

put them in bake them as instructed... let them cool down and air out for a couple of says... it helps with the oily feel..

you can prime them.. i didnt.. i just paint them with some acrylic paint... they stay a bit oily and sticky i dont know why..

and voila you have some nice looking USB figurine/ USBs

i hope the pictures are self explanatory

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the Oscar you made! Looks great :)