USB TTL 9V Stepdown Voltmeter Male Multi Module DIY Gadget

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For a number of DIY Projects for me the suitable power sources have been missing .
I solved this problem with the self-made multi-module .

It provides the continuous control of voltage via USB or 9V.

Step 1: Schematic and Bill of Materials

Are required :
9V battery clip

jumper cable

USB TTL module

Step Down Module


Simply solder everything together according to wiring diagram , except the USB TTL module . It can be connected via female jumper cable .

Step 2: Finish

After a few minutes you will have a beautiful , lasting working multi module with which you can infinitely adjust the USB or 9V battery power. Perfect for small test applications and the like.

A german version of this instructable can be found here / Eine deutsche Version der Anleitung finden Sie hier:



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