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Introduction: USB Walnut

Hello. Have you ever thought that your usb case is too weak and flimsy, if so this is the instructable for you. Introducing the USB walnut. This is one of my two entries for the usb contest, and it happens to be my first instructable.

Step 1: Materials / Things Needed

Tools needed: nutcracker, hot glue gun (any glue will do but I prefer hot glue) and a penknife/multi tool (not pictured)

Things needed: walnut and a USB.

Step 2: Getting the USB Prepared

Well, to prepare the USB you have to take out the electronics and leave the casing. This differs with different USB sticks. For me I had to pull off the little end cap (first picture) and the electronics come out.

Step 3: Preparing the Walnut

In the first picture it shows me weakening the walnut, I didn't picture me opening it up. To open it run a knife through the side until it separates, if pieces break of, keep them it will be use full later. To make a hole for the USB do what I did, you don't have to use a knife a screw driver will be fine.

Step 4: Putting the USB Into the Walnut and Gluing It Together

This is the final step. Put the USB into the walnut and find a position for it so that it closes properly and the connecter thing sticks out. When it's all fine glue it together. Remember the small piece(s) left over you can use it to patch up 

Step 5: All Done

All finished. If you made it please leave a comment. Please vote for the USB walnut in the USB competition. Thanks for reading.



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    9 Discussions

    I just found this 'ible. Great idea, I am going to make it for my techie brother-in-law who has everything. We never know what to do for his birthday.

    yah thats pretty interesting. the one thing that i thought would be a good idea, though, is instead of ripping out the electronics on the usb, you could just glue the 2 walmnut halfes on. just a suggestion, but i think it would be better because if the electronics dont fit realluy well, they are fragile.

    1 reply

    It's actually quite strong with the electronics out. My original idea was what you suggested being glueing the halves onto the whole USB (including casing). It was to big, Oh and thanks for commenting. C ya

    In a nutshell  (pun intended)  this is a pretty good 'ible!

    Be forewarned. All of the comments on your instructable are going to have nut jokes. :D

    1 reply

    this is a pretty good instructable, but I'm a real nut for alternative usb cases.

    thanks for the comments, don't forget to rate

    Is it just me, or is there a USB growing out of that walnut? Let's plant it! We can have a flash drive tree! I wondered where they harvested those things....

    Wow, that is completely nuts!

    (somebody had to say it)