USB Christmas Ball



This is USB christmas ball.Wery easy and nice one evening project. Sits next my mom's iMac wery nicely. Made it almost year ago and publised instructable just now...

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Step 1: You'll Need:

You will need:

3 LED's
1 100ohm or 47ohm resistor
1 USB cable
1 medium size christmas tree ball
glue (epoxy or hot glue)
1 empty plastic bottle OR 0.5l plastic cup
1 plastic cylinder with a hole to hold a wire
flux(optional,but WERY useful. flux is your way to good soldering)
sticky tape(optional)

soldering iron
sharp knife
third hand tool or something you can solder on.
other usual tools..

Step 2: LED's

First you'll need to make the lights. Do this like you see in a pictures.

Step 3: Prepair the Ball

Now take off balls top.

Step 4: Finishing Toutches

Step 5: Enjoy!

Plug your ball to your computer or give it as a present and be ready for christmas!

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